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by any other name August 15, 2006

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Trawling through the archives on my iPhoto, I found this image:

FRED, Tours, France

Go on, I know it’s vain, but there is something innately irresistible about Googling your own name. Google recons there are nearly 1 million images of FRED. Certainly, it’s an international phenomenon:

FRED is variously a bus company in Virginia, a text editor, a financial markets indices, a red light on the end of trains (Flashing Rear End Device), a Swiss army knife thing in Australia (Field ration Eating Device) or (my favourite) a F***ing Ridiculous Electronic Device (anyone still using Apple Newton?).

Famous FREDs include Astaire, Dibnah, Jones (that’s as in Scooby Doo), Weasley (Harry Potter) and Flintstone. Not to mention, honorary FREDs Tennyson and Hitchcock.

FRED comes in at number 71 in the top 100 boys names in the UK and USA. 0.25 % of Americans are called FRED. Coincidently, FRED comes in at number 3101 for girls’ names. Whilst FRED as a name is in decline in English speaking countries, its popularity remains constant in Sweden.

Isn’t Googling anal?


The Fun Starts Here… August 11, 2006

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It’s official. We finally got confirmation of the last piece of funding to make FRED happen today. Adele Prince is on the case for the branding of FRED this year and our lovely PR guy is getting on with the first official press release.It’s all too exciting…

Hello world! August 10, 2006

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Welcome to FREDs blog 2006. We’re back, alive and kicking. Keep upto date with progress on FRED 2006 here.