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Cows – little ones September 28, 2006

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Bryan writes –

There’s a great project here . Small pictures of cows are let loose with the website on the back. On finding one, you log on and register it. You can then pass the thing on or keep it. I found one a couple of years ago stuck to a cashpoint.



Stuff learnt since I started at FRED. September 28, 2006

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Bryan writes –

Since taking on this co-ordinating for FRED I’ve learnt a lot and thought it might make sense to pass some of it on:

  • You learn more by sitting on a selection panel for one day, than you would by doing a three day course in proposal writing.
  • Artists are generally serious about what they do, even if the work is light-hearted or even laugh out lout funny.
  • People do want to be involved and are basically quite generous. What they don’t want is surprises.
  • Unprofessional artists make it harder for everyone. This is especially true of people who let down people who have given their time or property over for no remuneration. Some of them even argu for a piece of work in their own organisations and end up feeling foolish for doing so. The next artist along will have a hard time convincing them that they are serious and reliable.
  • It’s easier to convince prospective hosts if you can show them what the work might look like. It’s what Photoshop’s for.
  • It’s amazing what you can achieve in a short space of time. FRED this year has been done at breakneck speed, but it willhappen and people will talk about it.
  • There’s always another phone call to make/email to send. And if you do make that call, it will lead to two more. This never ends.

Red Army Invasion September 17, 2006

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Banksy may have taken L.A. by storm, but my favourite intervention this week has to be the German art student who foxed Chinese police by disguising himself as a terracotta warrior and taking up position in the world-famous terracotta army.

Pablo Wendel was seen jumping into the five-metre deep pit to join the 2,000 unearthed warriors and horses by local police. The sudden movement of the shadowy figure startled the six police officers on duty, who rushed over and followed Wendel into the pit.

However, the artist had come prepared. He had carried out a reconnaissance mission a few days earlier and had selected a spot among the warriors that would give him the most cover. He had also designed himself a gown and hat, identical to those once worn by Emperor Qinshihuang’s warriors, in Hangzhou in east China where he currently studies performance art, and even brought a rectangular plinth to stand on. After leaping into the pit, he quickly donned his costume and waited.

Police said it took them ages to find the “living terracotta warrior”, clad in military garb and staring straight ahead with unblinking eyes. The police officers tried to force him to leave but Wendel persisted with his pose, defiant to the end. Eventually, the police were forced to carry him out, still in character.
Wendel, whose Chinese name is Ma Lin, said that he has been crazy about the terracotta warriors since childhood. “I have always dreamed of disguising myself as a terracotta warrior among the real ones,” he explained.

Police considered that as Wendel’s actions did not cause any damage to the cultural relics and he was clearly passionate about the warriors, it only warranted “serious criticism and education”. His outfit was also confiscated and he was sent back to Hangzhou that evening.

China’s really not the place to pull bold performance stunts. Art is hardly top of their political agendas, and besides, the police carry very large guns. That said, it certainly adds a new dimension to those tedious “living statue” buskers popular on the continent. Oh, how we laugh when they move…

source: www.shanghaidaily.cn

Big Horses September 16, 2006

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FRED this year features, among many others, a new hill drawing. Wiltshire is famed for its chalk horses on the downs, and many of them can be seen for miles away. Despite their iconic presence, most of the hill drawings in the UK are less than 100 years old. The art of drawing things big on the hills is not a lost art-form. The differences between Wiltshire and the outer reaches of the dales, however, is one of sheer scale. A 20 metre horse on lush green rolling hills in the lowlands of the south of England, will be no more than a spec on our vast wilderness.

But we’re not alone in our attempt to make a mark on a bigger landscape. Painted in whitewash on a mountainside north west of the border city of Ciudad Juarez by local architect Hector García Acosta and his son Carlos, it is a huge reproduction of the Uffington horse (original in Wiltshire). This horse is over half a mile long, and took three years to complete. García Acosta said that he created the figure both as a problem-solving exercise and to draw the attention of passing townsfolk to the beauty of the mountains. Sounds familiar?

giant white horse

Paris salon September 7, 2006

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Interventions. they come in all shapes and sizes. Some smarter than others. He may be a household name, but Banksy can still pull it off like no-one else. banksy and Paris

500 copies of Paris Hilton’s debut album were tampered with in 48 record stores across the UK, replacing the real CD with his own remixes, giving the tracks titles like: Why am I Famous?, What Have I Done? and What Am I For?.

The whole cover and booklet artwork was also doctored to show Hilton ‘topless’ on the cover and with her dog’s head in the inside. The fake CDs still had the original barcode and were purchased by unwitting customers (who buys that stuff?). Social commentary on celebrity culture just don’t get more succinct.

Inevitably, they’ve started appearing on eBay. Expect them to sell for bucket loads. Now there’s a business model for you…

check out the full set here