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I Shop Therefore I Am July 17, 2007

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If anyone ever tells you that contemporary art has no relevance to the so-called real world, show them these two pictures.

Barara Kruger's 1987 artwork Selfridges Display

The bottom one is the branding for this summer Selfridge’s sale, while the upper one is Barbara Kruger’s 1987 artwork.

It shows that art can and does invade the wider culture, but something, to my mind is lost. Of course, Selfridge’s are poking fun at themselves and the idea that shopping is a salve for our daily troubles, but of course they still sell. Having one’s cake and eating it springs to mind.

How would I feel if I was Barbara Kruger on a break in London and I saw this? I suspect I’d be livid, but part of me would be delighted that it only took 20 years for my work’s style to become part of the wider culture.


Cerne Abbas Homer July 17, 2007

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It’s not art, but it looks like those clever Fox Marketing people have come up wth something that looks like a FRED piece. A giant, donut eating Homer has been drawn next to the Cerne Abbas giant in Dorset. The rain will wash it away, apparently.

Cerne Abbas Homer

Memoirs of a FRED Co-ordinator – Part 2 July 4, 2007

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Artists have visited and found places to put their art. All we have to do now is convince the people who own the land that it’s a good idea.

Oh, and this weekend I have to climb up Stickle Ghyll to collect a bag of whatever I can find up there – grass, twigs, sheep droppings – and post them to London. This is easily the weirdest job I’ve ever had.

Whilst surfing online I found this site which hosts in some detail a wonderful piece that is in a forest in Kent. It looks like a logistical nightmare, but worth it.