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New Ideas April 7, 2008

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It’s day one of the main project selection panel, and it’s a fascinating process. After over five years working on the project, it shouldn’t be a surprise that we see the same ideas returning from different artists. But with so much potential out there in our vast and varied landscapes and communities, there really shouldn’t be any limits to what artists come up with to play with it. In fact, FRED is not even a new idea – people have been proposing outre schemes and projects for decades. I recently found this list on the Armitt Museum website. It’s from a letter published in the local paper in 1880, proving that artistic anarchy in our rural corner is something of a tradition afterall:

Improvements for Lakeland: The following improvements capable of enhancing the beauty of Lakeland have been suggested by an eminent promoter of the Thirlmere Water Scheme:
1. That the Bowder stone should be broken up to pave High Street: a similar use being made of the Kirkstone, in case material should run short.
2. That Brother’s Water should be drained and an asphalt Skating Rink be erected in its place.
3. That Loughrigg should be adorned by a statue of Bodgers, the late eminent philanthropist.
4. That a People’s Coffee-house be erected on Helvellyn.
5. That Scawfell should be made easily ascendable by means of a hydraulic lift.
6. That a merry-go-round, with fife and drum band, be placed within a convenient distance of Rydal Mount.