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A fantastic lightfield in the Circis Maximus, Rome September 19, 2007

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Just stumbled upon the work of Massimo Silenzio and was knocked sideways by it. Basically it’s a large field of lights laid out at the Circus Maximus, Rome. I’ve been to Roma a couple of times and the Circus is really, really big. This must have looked gorgeous. A candidate for FRED 2008? The website is here if you want to see more.


The Worst Folk Band in the World? September 1, 2007

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team FRED 2007

so it’s a good job they run an arts festival then..

Here’s Team FRED 2007 (from left – right) Bryan Eccleshall (co-ordinator), Rich Webster (co-ordinator), Richeldis Messam (co-founder and supervision / training), Steve Messam (co-founder and director), Helen Fletcher (co-ordinator), Hannah Stewart (administration). We had a nice chilled day out at Acorn Bank to escape the mountain of paperwork and Bryan was the only one who brought a camera. Seemed a good idea at the time…

The view from on high August 27, 2007

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google earth crop circle

Google maps have many uses. We’re having fun with them on the FRED site at the moment. While building these I found a public map of all the crop circles visible on the satellite images. We’ve yet to have real crop circles in FRED, but they really are a  prime example of the kind of work you can do in the rural-only world. The crop circle map  is World-wide also proving that some people have far too much spare time on their hands…

I Shop Therefore I Am July 17, 2007

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If anyone ever tells you that contemporary art has no relevance to the so-called real world, show them these two pictures.

Barara Kruger's 1987 artwork Selfridges Display

The bottom one is the branding for this summer Selfridge’s sale, while the upper one is Barbara Kruger’s 1987 artwork.

It shows that art can and does invade the wider culture, but something, to my mind is lost. Of course, Selfridge’s are poking fun at themselves and the idea that shopping is a salve for our daily troubles, but of course they still sell. Having one’s cake and eating it springs to mind.

How would I feel if I was Barbara Kruger on a break in London and I saw this? I suspect I’d be livid, but part of me would be delighted that it only took 20 years for my work’s style to become part of the wider culture.

Cerne Abbas Homer July 17, 2007

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It’s not art, but it looks like those clever Fox Marketing people have come up wth something that looks like a FRED piece. A giant, donut eating Homer has been drawn next to the Cerne Abbas giant in Dorset. The rain will wash it away, apparently.

Cerne Abbas Homer

Memoirs of a FRED Co-ordinator – Part 2 July 4, 2007

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Artists have visited and found places to put their art. All we have to do now is convince the people who own the land that it’s a good idea.

Oh, and this weekend I have to climb up Stickle Ghyll to collect a bag of whatever I can find up there – grass, twigs, sheep droppings – and post them to London. This is easily the weirdest job I’ve ever had.

Whilst surfing online I found this site which hosts in some detail a wonderful piece that is in a forest in Kent. It looks like a logistical nightmare, but worth it.


If you Google FRED for images you get this: June 27, 2007

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…amongst other things. Is there a subliminal link between FRED and Sheep. I think we should be told.

Go here for more information.


Memoirs of a FRED Co-ordinator – Part 1 June 27, 2007

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Today I will be popping across to Kendal to try and convince a local Charity Shop to let us buy some stock, turn it into bags, exhibit it in the shop and then sell them. Have already supervised the site visit of one artist with complete success. The proprietor can’t wait to have it and helped the artist along by telling her some local stories that will feed into the back story of the piece. Two more artists coming north this weekend to have a look around, which could involve me cooking pasta and hosting a bit of a party. The trials of art. Bryan.

FRED Lookalike in Avignon October 4, 2006

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A friend saw this in Avignon and thought it looked cool. Bricks have been scraped away to reveal small chambers which locals have used to display various things – some savoury, some less so. Looks a bit like the kind of thing FRED might do…

Avignon Wall

Installing A Big Blue Tree October 3, 2006

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So, after:

  1. finally finding someone who wanted a tree on the side of their house
  2. Paul and Steve managed to find a computer old enough to create file the stencil cutter could use
  3. Paul managed to eject the Bowls team long enough to lay out the card on the floor

the day finally came when we put up the Willow Tree. It took about 4 hours and was much admired by the dog walkers and nosey neighbours. Les seemed particularly fond of it, which I’m sure you’ll agree is great relief. His dog seemed less certain. We then explained it’s a picture of a tree by a drainpipe. You’re a dog, what’s not to like?

Paul was chuffed to (well, he kept going “hee hee” after we took each bit of cardboard down).

And the rain held off. So what does it look like:

A Big Blue Tree in Gilcrux